Pick up the Phone

raindrops on lake
Too many choices can drown your productivity.

I have lately been lamenting the fact that, in spite of all the communication choices available to me, I am communicating less.

Part of my problem is “deer in the headlights” syndrome or, if you prefer, “analysis paralysis.”

Trying to decide which medium (and which variation of the medium) to use for a communication makes the task harder, not more convenient. My mother doesn’t “do” email. My dad does email, but doesn’t text. My son is all about texting—except that now he’s traveling in Ireland and has only 250 texts for the whole month. (I’m not sure I’m even on his texting list…at best, I’m pretty far down.) Like me, my sister is pretty much ready to intercept anything on any device—and she’s also much better about getting back to people than I am.

Thank goodness I have a strong “email only” rule  for business.

My point here is that while having choices is good, too many choices can get you in trouble. We have to figure out a process or system, or else we’ll never get anything done.

Governor Rick Snyder
Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder is planning to ask for federal aid in the Flint water crisis.

Let’s take Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder for example. He seems to be suffering from his very own version of this malaise. He announced yesterday that he plans to ask for federal aid to deal with the water crisis in Flint. I can only assume that his unconscionable delay is because he is stressing about which communication method to use.

I think I’ll send Governor Snyder a letter to urge his action, or better, an email. No, wait—maybe I’ll tweet. Or Instagram. (If only there was a “Don’t Like” on Facebook.)

Maybe a subpoena is the way to go.

How about picking up the phone, Governor. I’m pretty sure they’re expecting your call! CelesteTillson

methane gas
Methane gas leak in southern California.

P.S. What’s up with that natural gas leak in Porter Ranch, Governor Brown? You know, “the BP leak on land”? Maybe you should just go ahead and decide on press conferences for communicating those state emergencies.