Looking for Ways to Save Time?

hourglassMe too.

Although—at first glance—I have spent this past week making slow haste in the pursuit of time-saving habits and activities.

First, there was the time I spent on the phone explaining to the phone company that I wasn’t going to pay their late fee because I had signed up for auto-pay and it was now their responsibility to make sure my bill was paid on time. I mean, isn’t that rather the whole point of auto-pay?

One thing that has become pretty clear to me is that I simply don’t have the time to spend on saving time.

Then, there was the time spent waiting for my son at the airport. The pilot had saved some time along the way, and the flight actually landed early! Unfortunately, we ended up waiting almost an hour before the passengers were able to deplane because there was no gate available when they landed. Would the gate have been available, one wonders, if the flight had simply been on time?

Most recently, I made the decision to rent a car closer to home rather than at the airport. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time this was going to save me!

When I arrived to pick up my car, I found that—in spite of confirming my reservation just two hours earlier—the rental car company had no cars to rent…I mean, they know they’re a rental car company, right? (Insert Jerry Seinfeld episode here, right?)

I spent most of the morning explaining that, while I was NOT interested in upgrading to a mini-van (which had already been turned down by a pretty ride-savvy family of four) or a very large, very big, very shiny, black pick-up truck with lots of chrome, I WAS extremely interested in getting my compact car and starting my vacation. It took all morning, but I finally got my car. Frankly, I’m convinced that the only reason it didn’t take longer is because they closed at noon.

(To be fair, the rental car company’s manager gave me a follow-up call which I really appreciated. She gets an A++ for customer service in my book and I will give them another try when I’m next in town because of her.)

But the truth remains that I have now taken advantage of so many time-saving offers this week that I’m behind in just about everything. I really don’t think I have time for a vacation. One thing that has become pretty clear to me is that I simply don’t have the time to spend on saving time.

But maybe next week…I understand that the people who make the operating system for my computer have a time-saving upgrade that can save me hours. I can’t wait!